How Cydni Kimmel Found the Confidence to Go It Alone

Cydni Kimmel always had an interest in dirt biking, but growing up outside of Philadelphia there wasn’t a lot of access to outdoor adventure. Since it wasn’t easy to get out and try riding, she let her interest fade before she ever got on a bike. It wasn’t until she met her husband that dirt biking came back into her life with a vengeance.

“My husband introduced me to the motorcycling world and we took trips everywhere, even did the Blue Ridge Parkway. He would ask me if I wanted to drive and I always said, 'no.' Then he got into dirt biking and the more he became involved, the more it sparked an interest in me to start.”

So, she bought a bike and learned enough to be able to pull it out of the garage and use the clutch.

“It’s not easy to get involved as a woman. Everything is so geared toward men. I had to buy a ton of gear to just try the sport. It’s a lot to put into something if you don’t know you like it.”

She kept at it and went on one of her first dirt biking adventures with her husband up to their friend’s house in a very rocky part of Pennsylvania.

“I was terrified. I fell a lot and even took a trip to the hospital. But, I continued to fall in love with it.”

After riding around with her husband and her husband’s friends, Cydni decided to attend Over and Out, a women’s dirt biking camp for beginners and experts alike. While she was nervous about riding without her husband, she went and had an amazing time. (And rented gear from us!)

“Now I know I can do this on my own. My husband is my riding partner, but I don’t NEED him to ride. I am so much more technically inclined now and I have gone riding alone with girls.”

Dirt biking has done a great deal more than just building Cydni’s skill level and technical confidence.

“I was coming out of a really tough year where I lost both my grandmother and my dad. Dirt biking took my mind off things and gave me something to focus on. It made me realize I was still in control of myself. I’ve always loved it, but now it holds a really special place for me because of that.”

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  • Robye

    Dirt biking has done the same for me, when life is hard I just want to dirt bike because it puts me in the moment and I can get out of my head. Love this story!

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