Why Kate Gersh Bought Her First Dirt Bike at 40 Years Young

Kate Gersh is a long time Jackson, WY local and former roller-derby competitor. She also once had a boyfriend who told her that, when she expressed interest in getting into dirt biking, “she would probably just get injured.”

“I shouldn’t have listened to him, but combined with the commitment and cost of riding, it got put on the back burner."

But Kate’s interest didn’t falter. There was something about a dirt bike that she couldn’t get out of her mind. After some time—and the end of the relationship with said boyfriend—she began exploring the option of getting a bike once again.

Being good friends with Mountainist founder Tana only helped further, and while she had push back from others in her life, Kate ended up buying a bike and rode it frequently this past summer.

Since then, she’s only had encouragement. She’s also met a number of men in the sport who really want to see more female participation. 

Before, I was getting a negative attitude from men who had never even been on a bike. It was like, who are you to judge? But having a community of both male and female cheerleaders has been really amazing.

Kate turned 40 this year. But instead of seeing age as a setback, she chose to use dirt bikes to remind herself how mental strength can coincide with physical strength.

"My birthday marked the perfect time to start a new hobby that would push me physically and remind me how mentally strong I am when pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Age won't hold me back, but it's my mental attitude towards it that could. Instead, I choose to have it propel me forward . . . literally, on a bike!


  • Blake Pitman

    Cool story! let’s go ride some brown pow!

  • Tim Harland

    Ride-on Kate!
    Ride on.

  • Michele Hopkins

    Hey Kate. So awesome to hear of other women who love being on a bike! I started riding last year and turned 50 in September. I started a blog about my experience when I started riding. I love riding so much. Kudos to you! Braaap!


  • Tana

    So proud if you Kate!!

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