What to Wear Snowmobiling (W.I.S.E. Layering)

As a new rider, figuring out what gear you need and how everything fits together can be a challenge. Even if you rent outerwear and protective gear from mountainist.com, what you wear underneath your monosuit or jacket and bibs is even more important when it comes to keeping you warm and dry throughout the day!

The goal of our new series—Wear + Care—is to show you methods for cleaning your gear and make sure you know how to get geared up for a great day on the mountain.
In this episode, you'll learn about our signature W.I.S.E. layering system:
  • Wicking layers
  • Insulating layers
  • Safety layers
  • External layers

We’ll also cover why you should always choose synthetic fabrics or wool over cotton, and where your knee guards and beacon should fall in the lineup. 

We'd also love to hear from you! What's your system for layering up? What are your favorite layers? Tell us in the comments below.

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You rock! 🤘

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