The Mountainist Story

Mountainist is here to take you off the sidelines and into the mountains.

At Mountainist, we believe that perfection is the enemy of progress and that play is the highest form of research. We know that the best way to learn is by being on the border of your comfort zone, and more than anything, we know and value the natural high of being outside and pushing yourself alongside other women.

Mountainist was founded as an extension of our founder Tana Hoffman, a girl raised on adventure herself. Whether skiing, fishing, biking, sledding, or riding dirt bikes, she was never afraid to insert herself into someone else’s plans, fondly dubbing herself as a “serial recreationist.” Inevitably, she ended up with massive amounts of gear – a $400 helmet she would never use again, pants that didn’t fit quite right, and at least a dozen well-loved ski jackets.

With years of equipment in her garage, Tana became the go-to-gear-gal for friends looking to piece together parts for whatever adventure was coming their way. And just like that, Mountainist was born.

But Mountainist isn’t just your friend with the bottomless gear bag. She’s the cheerleader who supports you from the bottom of the jump, or the friend that whispers in your ear that you can do it from the top. She’ll encourage you to celebrate the small wins, but she'll challenge you to reach beyond what you think you’re capable of.

Deep down, we’re all Mountainists waiting to realize our true potential. And while we’re out there, we’re going to make it our mission to have a little fun, too.